Bodyguards & security drivers

Cannes - Saint-Tropez - Monaco - Paris - Courchevel

Luxury Security in Cannes provides close protection agents and security drivers for all your transfers.

Whether for business or private travel, we will ensure your safety while complying with specific procedures and laws.

Our experts operate with due regard to your confidentiality and private life.

They shall ensure flawless services, whatever the constraints and conditions.

Diligence, a keen sense of observation and discipline are our bodyguards' watchwords.

The services offered by Luxury Security

Whether you are looking for security drivers or close protection agents, Luxury Security is your solution.

Our professionals are specialised, educated and trained on a regular basis to ensure your protection, in strict compliance with the regulations in force.

Our security driver will measure and anticipate all risks and potential threats.

The purpose is to reduce to a minimum the response time to an unexpected event.

Our competent and trained professionals have all the instruments at hand to allow them to better protect their VIP by ensuring their own security, which is essential to the system.


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