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As committed professionals, we make every effort to bring you the most suitable solution in line with your requirements.


All our officers hold professional credentials and authorisations relating to their activities.

Under French regulations, security company managers and their officers must hold professional credentials issued by the French National Council for Private Security Activities (CNAPS).

Spirit of service

We will be available, efficient and responsive on a daily basis.

Luxury Security will use all means to satisfy your requests.


Welcoming spirit and quality of support

We will always favour cordiality and courtesy.

We can be diplomatic, but also firm if the situation requires it.

We know how to escort and guide a visitor while respecting their space.

We know how to remain discreet while ensuring security.

Compliance with instructions

Our employees scrupulously respect the instructions, procedures and regulations of the profession.


Our duty of discretion implies that we consider all information relating to our mission to be strictly confidential.

Respect for the image and professionalism

We are aware of representing the client.

Our image depends on the quality of our officers’ welcome and the attention they pay to their appearance, as well as their know-how.

Team spirit

The good cohesion of the team involves rigorous punctuality and a clear and precise transmission of information at each shift changeover; the team’s integrity and solidarity contribute to the quality of the service.

Our services

  • Bodyguards Cannes Monaco Paris
  • Security Cannes Monaco Paris
  • Safety advice Cannes Monaco Paris
  • Security drivers Cannes Monaco Paris
  • Events Cannes Monaco Paris

Article L612-14 of the French Homeland Security Code:

The licence to operate does not confer any prerogative of public authority to the company or to the individuals benefiting from it.